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Released by Coredark Records


released May 9, 2014

Written and Produced by Milton Scott and Ross Totino
Produced and Recorded at Collision Studio's L.A by Ross Totino and Milton Scott
Mastered by Jeff Swearengin at Ritual Systems

FOC System 66 Modular Synthesizer
Alesis Andromeda
Waldorf Microwave I with custom software
Yamaha fs1r
Yamaha SG200 guitar
Sequential Circuits Prophet 600
Fender Chroma Polaris
Fender Precision Bass

Eventide H3500 DFX-Sampling
Eventide H949
Deltalab Effectron x2
Ibanez HD1500
Lexicon PCM 91
Dynacord VRS 23
Roland SBF-325
Tascam RS-20
Empirical Labs EL7
Electro-Harmonix Micro Synthesizer
Line 6 POD X3

Logic Pro 9
Bias Peak
NI Reaktor
NI Kontakt
NI Guitar Rig
iZotope RX
Celemony Melodyne
Propellerhead Reason
FXpansion BFD2
FXpansion Amber/Cypher/Strobe

Shure SM7


all rights reserved



The Present Moment Los Angeles

Based in Los Angeles, The Present Moment achieves a stunning hybridation and an infectious blend of dense cold-wave’s electro grooves, cyclical droning interferences, vigorous epic industrialism, dolorous nocturne-goth weirdness superbly sustained by a seductive eighties flavor. ... more

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Track Name: Intro
Track Name: Love Of Money
Please let me know
How your making your way
Silence your cruelest device
Though I have so much more to say
So far I'm left here to drift
Wondering where you stand
I'm over thinking as usual
Sinking fast in the sand
The present could not tame your longing for fame
The moment that I see it, I'll believe it
Sensibility's such a shame

This temptation collection you broke to fix
The busy bee that collects the honey
There's no honesty left, so save your breath
If you fall in love, for the love of money

You croon for the arts
To keep your world from crumbling
Still worship the charts
With an open heart, off and running
Now I sense your divisions, a solitary act
All the while pertaining that you had my back

Track Name: No Surprises
You disappear everywhere
It's a game
To see who really cares
You played every card
Till your heart gave out
This dead weight you could not bear
Now everyone knows it's a cold world
For the dearly departed
For some anger is a fuel
That's how this fire got started

I had my sights on you
From the moment we met
It wasn't my first sign
I know how people are in LA for sure
Trust is not a friend of mine
Playing every opportunity that came your way
Pushing me aside
Another contact for you, to slide into
With those bedroom eyes

No surprises here
No surprises dear
Got this off my chest
Now my conscience is clear
No surprises here

Now take a look around
Your happy home
You needed something
That you could call your own
You burned this bridge down
Back to a bed that you made
Now we don't talk anymore
There's nothing to save

No surprises here
No surprises dear
Got this off my chest
Now my conscience is cleared
No surprises here
Track Name: General Relief
I need some general relief
To help me through the night
Somewhere that has to be
Something to make this all right
'Cause I'm a lonely boy
In the big city of a million lights

There's no one anymore to hold my hand
For so long I had someone to make it okay
Please understand that this saddens me so
For me to wither and to watch you blossom and grow

The comedown's so hard
But I need a release
To take it away
It comes and goes the way this fear takes hold
The comedown's so hard
But I need a release
To take it away
It comes and goes the ways I deal to cope
Track Name: Cruel
Cold as ice
A setting sun
You asked for advice
I'd say were done
The words that come to mind
Are raw emotions
Picture us in a final frame
The past is the past
Were no longer the same
The people we were
That was such a long time ago
They say seek and you will find
That truth is abstract
It's not always kind
It's through the pain
The self acceptance
That I learned
You only speak in cryptic words
I know deep down inside you hurt
You always act
On the attack
I'm wounded now
I haven't the will to try again
There's too much guilt
Sweet suffering
But I know you
Will pull on through
Find another way
Yes I'm a loner hiding out
Reflecting, writing it all down
It's no excuse
But I'm no use
For you now

I've been avoiding you
'Cause I don't mean to be cruel
Cold as ice a setting sun
Track Name: Inhabitants
Track Name: Shallow
Cover your tracks
Keep the mystery
Hide in the shadows
With a low profile lead
It's all a game
Seems transparency won
The cut and run
Off the radar down low
Every story I ever stung
Was not a passing phase
Or the switch of the channel
With words sporadic
Songs unsung
Let's aim to win
Or cry tomorrow
Another story takes an obvious turn
With mistakes I've learned by cold choices
I dot my eyes with common sense
I can't pretend
Watch as I grow

You're so shallow
Yes you are that shallow
Yes you're so shallow
Yes you are that shallow
You are, you are, you are

Cover your tracks
Keep the mystery
Hide in the shadows
With a low profile
It's all a game
Seems transparency won
The cut and run
Off the radar down low
You're so shallow
Track Name: Intemperate
For my little one
You hide away
Far from the sun
Your golden view
It holds you down
You're so far removed
From everyone
I've heard many things
I've wondered you
The light you bring
Were intemperate too
The heart will go If there's no room for love anymore
I'm sorry that I wasted your time
Surrendered to my state of mind
I messed with you I'm no good for myself
I'm a victim to Everything
You go, you go, you go ...
I remembered you
A helping hand
You're so sweet to me
My friend I'm lonely too
Time just stalls I miss you
On every hour
Time will tell where we go I hope you're there to hold
Have the sweetest smile I've ever witnessed
The soft embrace
Your pure kiss
Track Name: Battle To Crawl
I told you so
It's how far you go
Cold as ice
For any vice
It's not real
The way you feel
Cold as steel
It's your brain
Tricking you again
Take this pill
See how you feel...
You see your colors
Slowly fade away
Moving faster than this world can save
So confused
You put your trust in me
Finding answers only you conceive
Collapse in dust
Friends do corrupt
I was always low
Couldn't change myself
Or face the world
It was a battle to crawl
Felt nothing at all
Maybe the end has come
We finally reached the road ...
But you're going down the wrong path
You're going down the wrong path now
Are you going down the right path now?
The blood of the rose
The end of the road ...

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